About LYMY

I grew up in a small town in southern Ohio and come from a close knit faith based family and community. After graduating high school and some college, I decided to join the Army and my military service developed my determination, initiative, and perseverance. I was stationed at Fort Carson, Co far from my family and friends whom I missed dearly.

The inspiration for Love You Miss You evolved from a couple friends and I ending our texts messages with “lymy”. With our everyday lives being so busy we often sent this to one another as a don’t have time to reachout to let loved ones know how much we love them and miss them. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I thought this would be the perfect way for all walks of life to spread love on a grand scale. So I started Love You Miss You as a way for people to express this sentiment. Early in the stages of the company I had to endure the passing of my Mother to breast cancer, which inspired the Charity Series of Love You Miss You. I continued to put my energy into the company while balancing a full time job and being a Dad, and then the pandemic brought us to a stand still. Losing Loved ones unexpectedly and families being isolated from each other, I became more confident than ever in the vision and mission of Love You Miss You. If it’s not possible to make a family gathering or if you just want to Represent where you are from, send them a LY❤️MY Shirt. My hope is that one day Love You Miss You Inc. will be a global brand that provides people with the opportunity to spread love all around the world.


S. McKenzie , CEO

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