LY❤️MY USA Announces launch of its website

Personalized LY❤️MY USA T-Shirts now available online

Columbus, OH, September 16, 2014– In the latest iteration of personalized T-Shirt design, LY❤️MY USA has taken the trending changes in the way people communicate and converted it into an inspired idea to spread a positive message.  Using the acronym LY❤️MY which stands for the words “Love You, Miss You” this company allows customers to personalize their LY❤️MY T-Shirts by adding the picture of someone they love and miss into the shirt’s logo.

LY❤️MY USA creator and CEO believes that this custom T-Shirt idea has global implications. “Our goal is to be the company that people think of when it comes to family reunions, graduations, deployments, all over the world. We believe that this idea has worldwide appeal and sends a positive message of love and remembrance at a time when it seems that anger and hate dominate public discourse and entertainment.“

It is a novel idea in an industry where it seems that every new creation in T-Shirt products has already been thought up. But this trendy new look at T-Shirt messaging takes the familiar text short-hand style of communication and turns it into an endearing message of love.

The LY❤️MY USA T-Shirt logo design consists of bold block letters (LY❤️MY) with a red heart in the middle. The idea is to allow purchasers to change the center heart to represent whom or what they love. From a loved one who is passed away, a pet that is missing or a deployed family member serving in the military, LY❤️MY USA T-Shirts can be customized any a number of different ways. The heart can be swapped out for one of the fifty state shapes, national flags, globes, a star, and logos from various charities among others.

LY❤️MY USA will participate in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Awareness Walk scheduled for October 26, 2014 in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the American Cancer Society.  “You can help save lives and create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays just by wearing the pink ribbon pin to show your support.”

When supporters of the American Cancer Society come out on August 28th for the Kickoff Breakfast they will be able to purchase an LY❤️MY Charities Series T-Shirt that bears the pink ribbon.  Since a portion of the sales from every purchase goes to supporting the fight against breast cancer, purchasers of LY❤️MY Charities Series T-Shirts can help save lives by both showing their support and donating money to the cause.

LY❤️MY❤️ USA is a company/movement for anyone out there that has a loved one near or far that they miss dearly. Whether it is deployed military, family or friends in the states or abroad, remembering deceased family members, pets or incarcerated loved ones, we are a company that is designed and dedicated to helping each and every customer spread love throughout the world! Join the movement!

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